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There are two things that can give away someone’s age. Their face and their hands!

Many times people neglect the appearance of their hands, while failing to realize that this can be the one thing that gives away their age. There are some dermal fillers that can be used to immediately restore volume to the hands and take years off an otherwise volume depleted and aged hand.

Dr. Somenek will frequently combine this volumizing treatment with Intense Pulsed Light to remove all the sun damage and spots from the hands. This combined treatment can take years off of your hands and restore them to a more youthful appearance. The downtime associated with this combination treatment is very minimal, with no restrictions on your activity or appearance.

During the treatment, Dr. Somenek will first inject the dermal filler into the top surface of the hand to restore the lost volume. Once this is complete, Dr. Somenek will use intense pulsed light therapy to target the dark spots and unwanted pigment on the hands.

The dark spots will start to clear off the skin over the next several days, revealing a bright and youthful appearance to your hands.

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